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Things to Consider Before Renting a TV in Melbourne

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Melbourne is an Australian city which is also the coastal capital of the Australian state of Victoria. In this city many companies allow their clients to rent TVs. If you frequently move from one place to another, then you can consider renting a TV instead of buying. But before renting any device, you should check the following things.

Screen Size

If you perform a simple online search, you will easily find plenty of renting specialists that offer solutions like TV, fridge hire in Melbourne as well as in the other cities. You can visit any of them to rent a TV. But before making your final call, you have to check the size of the screen.

When choosing the size of the screen you have to consider two main things - how many members of your family will see the TV and from how long (distance) they will watch the TV. If you manage to answer these two questions, it will become easier for you to understand your needs in terms of the size of the screen.

Refresh Rate

Before choosing the refresh rate of your TV, you have to understand what it is. The refresh rate of TV stands for the number of times the images get refreshed in every second. Experts measure it in hertz.

You might have heard the terms 60 Hz, 120 Hz etc. All these things stand for the refresh rate of the TV. Let us suppose you have rented a TV that has a refresh rate of 60 Hz. It means the TV will refresh the image once in every second. We always recommend individuals to rent such a TV that has a higher refresh rate. It will improve your viewing experience and reduce motion blur.

Screen Resolution

Finally, you also have to check the screen resolution of the TV before hiring it. If you search carefully in the market, then you will find TVs of different screen resolution including 720P, 1080P and full HD. Some manufacturers have also started to build ultra HD sets and HDTVs.

Many professionals offer solutions like TV hire in Melbourne as well as in the other cities. You can get in touch with any of them to rent a TV. Some of the most popular models that are available to rent are as follows:

  1. 32 Inch (81 CM) Smart TV
  2. 43 Inch (109 CM) Ultra HD TV
  3. 49 Inch (124 CM) Ultra HD TV
  4. 55 Inch (124 CM) Ultra HD TV

We always recommend individuals to rent an ultra HD TV. If it is possible for you then you can also consider renting a 4K TV. However, avoid renting 720p or 1080p TVs.

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